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Why Hello There Blogging World, We’re Roger Wood.

Alright, so when I sat down to write our very first blog post on our brand spankin’ new website, I got to thinking. Here we are in 2013 answering our iPhones with barely a touch, doing tasks unimaginable on computers and flying through the online world faster everyday. What would Roger Wood think of the world today?

What would he think of the modern technology now used to create the savory food item that he so bravely began producing in 1936? What would he think of the state-of-the-art plant here at Roger Wood Foods that started as a small store-front in downtown Savannah? How could he even have imagined me writing a “blog post” about his company?

Roger Wood TruckI found yellowed photographs in a drawer recently and had a visual history lesson in Roger Wood Foods. In the 1930’s, The Great Depression was fresh and oh so real. How did Roger Wood, the young man, overcome these tremendous challenges to begin the creation of the family operated company that still exists today? By the end of the 1930’s, the world was at war. This temporarily halted Wood’s entrepreneurship resulting in a few years that even his great-grandchildren do not know exactly what became of him. What we do know is not long after the war, Roger Wood Packing Company was created, and here we still stand today calling Savannah our home and treasuring our Roger Wood Foods’ saying, family owned and operated.

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