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Sunday Dinners, We Don’t Hide Crazy

Down here in the South, we have this thing that we do every Sunday. Now, not everybody does it, but for the most part it’s just one of those things that if you love your Mama, you’re taking a trip to her house on Sundays for family dinner.

sundaydinner-postYou may ask yourself, “Why… would I want to see my family every week? Aren’t holidays enough?” To that I answer, have you ever heard of that saying- Here in the South, we don’t hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a cocktail. All jokes aside, that is exactly what we do.

Sunday dinners are that smell of soul food in the oven that sucker punches you in the stomach when you walk through the door. Those collards with smoked hocks in em’ for flavor, that fried chicken and creamed corn are calling your name from the moment your sleepy eyes finally wake up in church that morning.

Besides making you hungry, are you wondering what the point of this post is? Well, if you don’t do Sunday dinners with the family anymore, you should. Take the time to sit back and relax with your crazy family. Food makes everybody comfortable, especially food from your Mama’s table.

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