Roger Wood Foods

#1 Sausage
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Quality Smoked Sausage and Meats for over 80 Years

Why We Strive for Great Quality

Roger Wood Foods has always been a company where family comes first.
We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1936.

Passed down through three generations, our mission has always been to
provide you with a quality product, one that families will sit down
around their dinner tables with.

Each week, our family of employees strives for excellence. They are
held to the highest standards because after all, we know that not only
are you going to consume our beloved products but your little ones are

Quality to us means that when you bite into a Roger Wood sausage or
frank that you get a consistent bite each time. We make family packs
to save you the hassle of purchasing numerous small packages making it
a little easier on you.

The best stories we hear are the ones describing the family reunion
bar-b-q or the war veterans’ luncheon. Sure Roger Wood sausage was on
the menu, but it’s more than that. How many companies get to say that
they are a part of family-time? We do, and we are so blessed to play a
small role in your family.

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