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“Reminds me when Grandma was cooking”

Owners Kenneth & Vicky Brown [Image Source: The Savannah Morning News]

Owners Kenneth & Vicky Brown [Image Source: The Savannah Morning News]

Sisters of the New South

isn’t your ordinary corner restaurant. They’re Savannah’s stop for Southern Soul Food.

Native Savannahians, Kenneth and Vicky Brown, opened their home-cookin’ restaurant in 2009. Mr. Brown said they were looking to remind people of when their Grandmas were cooking. You know, back when nothing came from a box, cooking up dinner was an afternoon affair and you never left hungry.

Sisters of the New South is quite the family business. Mrs. Brown’s sisters and their nieces and nephews are at hand helping them spread their traditional Southern food around Savannah and the Lowcountry. Not only do they have two stores in Savannah, they also have one in Pooler, one in Beaufort, and they provide catering.

In the mornings, look for Roger Wood smoked sausage on the menu. For lunch and dinner, we’ve heard the fried chicken and the ox tails are the biggest hits. Don’t forget your sides, and oh boy, do they have sides. You get to choose from an array of colorful casseroles, veggies, mac-n-cheese- you name it. We also recommend always ordering the sweet tea. Traditional Southern Sweet Tea… it’s better than candy.¬†One thing is for sure, you’ll never leave Sisters of the New South hungry!

So, if you haven’t already, pay them a visit. From one local, family-owned business to another, congratulations on your success. We wish you many more years Sisters!

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