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College Football in the South

What does College Football mean in the South? We found a USA Today article that pretty much sums it up…

20 Reasons College Football is Just Better in the South


For us, it means crisp, early Saturday mornings setting up the tents and firing up the grill. Tailgating is an art form and has reached near perfection after all these years. We all join together for one reason- to root on the team. Our team. While we wait for game time, it’s imperative that we keep up with the other games of the day. Who has lost? Who has won? How will that affect our ranking?

Football is much more than a game down here in the South. It’s a religion. Years and years of traditions surround our team. We follow the same protocol as the year before and the year before that when it comes to our tailgate. Our menu may change some, but we keep to the items we know work- like a grilled dog in a bun covered in whatever dressings you fancy paired with a hearty beer. Can’t go wrong with that.

But, what it’s all really about is togetherness. Together we tailgate. Together we cheer the boys on. Together we celebrate or wallow the  outcome. It’s the friendships you make. The excitement of Saturdays in the Fall. And the joy you feel when you step into the stadium.

College Football in the South is just like being a kid again.

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