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Savannah’s Secrets

Visit Savannah…

Savannah’s Chamber of Commerce, does an incredible job finding and featuring every nook and cranny, every event, every character, every special detail of our home town Savannah, Georgia. Their blog Savannah Secrets is one of our favorites! Below is a list of the recent ones we like most… Wormsloe

Why is the Olde Pink House Pink?

The main structure was made of red bricks, which was plastered over with white plaster. Perhaps the quality of bricks or the plaster job itself wasn’t very good, because the red bricks would bleed through the plaster, making the mansion pink!

Oyster Season is Here!

As the legend goes…not eating oysters during months without an “R” comes from the fact that summer months are the prime breeding time for red tides or algae that can spread toxins in warm coastal water. As the waters cool in the Atlantic in the Fall, oysters are harvested from areas approved by the State and are perfectly safe for human consumption.

Historic Home Tours to Enjoy this Fall in Savannah

This Fall, Savannah will be on display as some of the most historic and beautiful homes in the Landmark Historic District open their doors to welcome visitors inside for a peek! With three grand home tours set to take place this Fall, Savannah will be living up to her reputation as “The Hostess City of the South”.

Top 8 Most Photographed Spots in Savannah

From hidden wrought iron on garden gates to tomb stones to trap doors. But there are always these “Top 8″ that everyone takes and I suggest you do too when you visit.

Savannah Secrets

is definitely a must-follow site! Before you come visit or even if you’re a local, keep up with what’s going on around our beautiful city. You can even get how to cook and eat oyster lessons. 😉

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